Nero Trade; We package for our partners.

We help our partners worldwide to stand out.

Customizing their packaging visions around the clock, we offer the biggest clients worldwide a turnkey solution with PET bottles and jars.

Created here, is a online catalogue of our best selling solutions and offerings. However, our love for visionary partners with specific ideas, never shies us away from providing customized experiences.  

So reach out and let us service your brand 

 As we always say – No project is impossible.

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Nero Trade is always striving to give the best service


We understand the importance of complete discretion and see it as a core asset when maintaining a long-term partnership, especially within marginal cost. 

Premium Designs

With over 200 professionally designed moulds to choose from, we guarantee that our partners will stand out. Individuality is important, so try us and let us together create something special.

Customized Solution

We love customers with a vision and with the best mould designs on the market, our customized solutions ensure you a unique solution to reflect your product. 

Exploiting Scale Synergies 

To ensure staying competitive on the market, we have made it our core focus to exploit scale synergies and our partners can be sure we constantly challenge this metric.

Reduce Cost

Wishing to ensure our partners with the absolute best solution on the market, we take great pride in constantly following the market trends. 


Nero Trade is a trustworthy partner on the market. Serving clients across the world, we pride ourselves by their trust. We always prioritize our partners and ensure an ongoing dialogue. 

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